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Somewhere, on the other side there is a leather recliner, the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle, a steaming cup of coffee sitting in front of a large picture window filled with plants, blue glass and crystals. Of course, it is a perfect day, the rain gently and rhythmically dances down the glass while a light cool breeze passes over the top of the newspaper lifting just the edge.

An amazing woman has taken up residency here, she is free of all pain, confusion and despair.

She sits and smiles widely as the view is now crystal clear as she watches her beloved children. Her eldest, innovative and clever Cynthia Fisk with her husband Scottie and her son Cody. Then her first son, the resourceful John Davenport, his wife Linda and their three boys Rory, Marc and Shane. She throws her head back in a fit of laughter as she watches her forever comedian, joker and talented son David with his beautiful wife Violet and their children Christopher and Timmy. She folds the paper and shakes her head lovingly as she watches her bright, ‘favorite son’ Scot with his graceful wife Anna and their children Theo and Sophia. Then she leans back and proudly folds her arms across her chest as she watches her compassionate, insightful baby boy, her care taker and fierce advocate Joe with his lovely wife Lisa and their children Ashley and Joey. She lifts her chin with great satisfaction, and nods knowing she did well.

She sips her coffee as she watches Frank Behrens, her companion for the last several years, and gives him a nod of thanks for the good times. She stretches her legs crossing them at the ankles and watches the movie of her life, it is filled with great memories of her home often filled with those in need, of road trips halfway across the country to see her children and grandchildren. It is abundant with accomplishments. She was a fierce advocate for women, amazing poet, writer and wordsmith. An editor, a technical writer and amateur photographer.

She rises easy out of the recliner stretches and turns her head toward the sound of her dad’s blacksmith shop in the distance. She places a large floppy hat upon her head and tips it towards the direction of all her beloved and silently reminds them all she is forever with them. As her skirt spins, she heads down the hill to join her sisters Grace and Frieda with a little skip in her step.

The family would like to send a special message of gratitude and love to the Angels at Regency House Star Unit for their compassion, love and unwavering dedication to Rosemary’s care. Family and friends of Rosemary Zieroth will join in a celebration of life on Wednesday September 11th2019

In lieu of flowers donations are requested for Alzheimer’s Association (

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