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A Deviated Septum

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Mom and Joe are sitting at the dinner table finishing a delectable meal of leftovers.

I stand to grab Mom a box of Kleenex.

MIL: (Sniffling) Humph.

Me: Mom, you okay?

MIL: (Sniffling and wiping her nose) Humph. (Sniffle) Geeze!!

Me: How ya doing Mom, you okay?

MIL: (Wiping her nose again.) Yeah, I’ve got a deviated septum.

Me: (Just about spitting my drink all over the table) What?!

Joe: (Chuckling) You’ve got what, Ma?!

MIL: (Annunciating each word clearly) I. Have. A . Deviated. Septum.

My hand flies up to my mouth and I let out a fit of laughter I can’t control.

Joe: (Laughing) Where did you hear that?!

MIL: (Very matter of factly) A doctor told me!

My fit of laughter continues, including a good snort!

MIL: (Laughing along) I’m glad you find me so funny!

Joe: (Still laughing and shaking his head ) Ma, Lisa and I have been to every doctor's appointment you’ve had in last five years no doctor has ever told you that you have a deviated septum!

Me: (Still laughing, but trying to catch my breath and wiping tears away.) Oh Mom.

We talk about doctors' appointments, her time with us years ago when she was rehabbing at our house after as serious bout of necrotizing fasciitis, including the time when Joey (three years old at the time) stood at her door (a curtain) whisper/yelling, “Gamma?! Gamma?! You awake?!” She laughs at the memories and even nods in agreement.

Mom's mind isn't what it used to be these days, though. She often taps her forehead hoping it will bring an answer through the fog that clouds her brain. Its comical that she can even pronounce never mind correctly use the words deviated septum in a sentence!

MIL: (Sniffling and wiping her nose again) Ugh.

Me: (Giggling) We gotta get that deviated septum fixed!

MIL: Huh? What’s a deviated septum?

Joe: (Shaking his head and smiling at me) Now that’s funny!

Me: (Laughing almost hysterically again) Yep!

MIL: (Laughing) You two are fun!

It was a beautiful night . . . sitting for hours around the dinner table. There were glimmers of Mom, and glimmers of well, what the future may hold. All is good. Life is beautiful with MIL.

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