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Life is Short, Eat the Peanut Butter Cup

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

I drop my bag on the counter and turn toward Mom to get her settled at the kitchen table so I can start dinner

Me: Here ya go Ma, you can sit here and visit with me while I make dinner.

MIL: Okay!

Mom sits and starts to fidget with a few pieces of mail on the table. I place a few groceries on the counter and look back at Mom over my shoulder.

Me: How we doin' Ma?

MIL: Good?

I walk over and put my hand on her shoulder

Me: What can I get you?

MIL: Nothing.

She squeezes my hand and I hear a very odd crinkling noise coming from her chest.

MIL: Humph?!

Mom looking at me with great curiosity, reaches into her shirt and pulls a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup out of her bra.

MIL: Wow look at that!

Me: (Slightly stunned at what she is producing out of her bra!) What ya got there?

MIL: Well, it looks like a candy!

Mom rips the package open, ready to devour the candy, I watch amused and smiling.

Me: Gee what else you got in that bra?!

MIL: (Stops opening the package and looks up at me with great anticipation) I don’t know, let’s check!

Mom starts digging around in her bra . . . and, thankfully, comes up empty handed!

MIL: Well, there's nothin’, but its a good place to hold important things

Me: (Shaking my head smiling) I guess so, Mom.

Mom sits back in the chair and enjoys her peanut butter cup. Yes the peanut butter cup she probably shouldn’t be having, but life is short and she’s smiling ear to ear so I let this one go.

MIL lessons of the day: Your bra is a good place to hide "important things,"’ and life is short, eat the peanut butter cup.

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