‘Life with MIL’ a very candid, funny, moving and sometimes difficult journey of Alzheimer’s with my Mother In-law.
Life with MIL

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What do you do when a woman you've known, loved, and respected for twenty years is confused, scared, and screaming hateful things at you? You love her unconditionally. You close your eyes for a moment and remind yourself that this isn't her fault, this is the disease talking. You dig deep and redirect her.

Truth be known, I struggled with how to handle this new reality handed to my beloved husband Joe and I. So, I looked for the humor and silver linings and began to post short little stories on my personal Facebook pages.  The response from friends and family became overwhelming!! That's when I decided to collect them all into one central location here... welcome to 'Life with MIL' ... be ready to laugh, to cry, to cheer MIL on and be ready for a little heartbreak, I will be real, I'll be raw, and I promise to be honest. 



I want to hear from you  ... if you're living a parallel life, you're not on this journey alone.  If you've lived it, my heart and prayers are with you ... maybe you just want to follow MIL, Joe and I down this twisting turning road with challenges we're figuring out as we go along! Why ever you've decided to join me ... I want to hear from you x0x0x0x ~Lisa

Durham, CT, USA

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