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It’s a story of friendship, respect, unwavering love, and incredible heartbreak

“Life with MIL: A Candid Journey of Alzheimer’s with My Mother-in-Law”” by Lisa Davenport has been released worldwide. This 320-page memoir chronicles the author’s experiences as a caregiver, support system, and dear friend through her mother-in-law Rosemary’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. As an entrepreneur, designer, and mother with a full plate of responsibilities, Lisa’s life changed unexpectedly when she took on another role: caring for her mother-in-law.

A journey through Alzheimer’s is often tragic and riddled with difficulty, but through a powerful connection of unwavering love, the unlikely pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are able to find humor, joy, and hope that serves as inspiration for anyone living with a similar situation.

The memoir draws readers into Rosemary’s daily fight with the disease and the bright moments that bring the family together, showing the strength they find in vulnerability, honesty, and love. Sharing this story with the world was one of Rosemary’s greatest wishes, and this window into the life of a caregiver is empowering and inspirational for anyone striving for balance in difficult times.

Life with MIL by Lisa Davenport

New Release

Foreword by

Christopher H. van Dyck, M.D.

Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, & Neuroscience

Director of the Alzheimer's Disease Research

Yale School of Medicine

Christopher van Dyck, MD.jpg


"Heartwarming Read"

Full of hope, humor, and grit, this book leads one through the journey of caring for someone slowly slipping away with Alzheimer's disease. Patience, love, and warmth seep through the pages. It makes for an easy read while curled up on a rainy day.



So much of Lisa's and Rosemary's journey was relatable to my own experiences with my 90+ year old parents. While not suffering from Alzheimer's, the moodiness, frustrations, misunderstandings, and yes, joys that go along with aging made me laugh and cry right along with her. A truly poignant read.


Lisa Davenport Author of Life with MIL


Lisa Davenport

What do you do when a woman you’ve known, loved, and respected for twenty years is confused, scared, and screaming hateful things at you? You love her unconditionally. You close your eyes for a moment and remind yourself that this isn’t her fault, this is the disease talking. You dig deep and redirect her.

Truth be known, I struggled with how to handle this new reality handed to my beloved husband Joe and I. So, I looked for the humor and silver linings and began to post short little stories on my personal Facebook pages. The response from friends and family became overwhelming!! That’s when I decided to collect them all into one central location here… welcome to ‘Life with MIL’ … be ready to laugh, to cry, to cheer MIL on and be ready for a little heartbreak, I will be real, I’ll be raw, and I promise to be honest.

Life with MIL by Lisa Davenport

Lisa is available for Interviews, Book Signings, & Readings.

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HUBCAP's Annual Northeast Authors Meet & Greet Book Signing


Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 11:00 AM–3:00 PM 
At Hubcap Wallingford


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HUBCAP Wallingford's Book signing will give you the opportunity to meet authors, ask questions about the stories and have your purchased book personalized with dedication to your intended recipient.

This year they have 15 Authors signed up, some local, others are coming from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and towns throughout Connecticut. This year's genre consists of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Autobiography, Horror Drama-Romance, Murder-Mystery, Local History, Family Saga, Memoir/Inspirational, Children's book, Holiday story, and Reflections in Poems.

Location Info: 128 Center Street, Wallingford, CT

Book Club Questions

Book Club Questions

Spark joy & discussion with questions designed to deepen understanding about MIL, Lisa and her candid journey of Alzheimer's. 

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